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The recording is a collection of Fahie’s stunning arrangements of works by seven classical composers celebrating the cross-pollination of these two musics, fusing them into one cohesive sound. (read more)

Watch the singles videos below!
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Mike thinking
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" erudite, witty composer and a trombonist with serious chops..." - Thomas Conrad, Stereophile

"Fahie's writing, arranging and leadership talents possess the same outstanding quality that saturates his playing skills." - J. Hunter, All About Jazz

"a daring, inventive player" - Terrell Holmas, All About Jazz

"Mike Fahie ... expresses the mood of Real Enemies with particular relish." - John L. Walters, London Jazz News



Andrew Rathbun Large Ensemble, Guimarães, Portugal

Mike Fahie & John McNeil, The Brooklyn Firefly


Dan Pugach Nonet, Smalls, NYC

Emilio Solla Tango Jazz Orchestra, Birdland, NYC

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