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News: New Website, Blog and Album

This year brings some big news as I announce the launch of my brand new shiny website, which will include this blog! I'll be writing about a host of topics related to jazz, the trombone, practice, performance, jam sessions and anything else that seems interesting and piques my curiosity. I absolutely love having conversations about these things and I hope that this will be a place to open those conversations up among musicians in New York and around the world.

Also, I'd like to announce that I have a new album coming out, entitled Plainsong, on Destiny Records. It is co-led by my longtime musical partner, John McNeil. John and I have been playing a weekly gig for over 5 years now, at 3 different venues in Brooklyn, and this album showcases how our musical style has developed together through the years.

Plainsong features an absolutely amazing band, with Ethan Iverson on piano, Joe Martin on bass and Billy Hart on drums. The music was written with them in mind, and allows them the freedom to really shape it in their own personal way, and the result is really beautiful. We also included three short songs where John and I play trio with each one of them.

We don't have a release date yet, but look for it in not too long, and come back here for lots more music discussion. I'm looking forward to hearing from friends old and new!

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